Sunday, July 22, 2012

What's Walter Williams' position on capital punishment?

Walter's recent article about how much he hates Robin Hood got me thinking. Has he ever expressed a position on capital punishment? He has to be against it, doesn't he? If he's not, wouldn't he be a huge hypocrite?

Here's my reasoning. According to Walter's personal philosophy, actions have absolute moral values assigned to them. He believes that 'stealing' is always wrong in every possible circumstance - which he claims as the moral basis for his anti-tax stance.

So the next logical question becomes: what absolute moral value can be assigned to the act of killing a human being? According to Walter's belief system, killing a human being is either completely moral or completely immoral. Since he's previously claimed to be concerned by the number of blacks killing other blacks, we can only logically conclude that he's against it. After all, if killing another person was always a moral act, why would Walter be concerned about an epidemic of it happening?

Which means he's opposed to all murder, under any circumstance. One might think that if someone committed an especially heinous act, a jury of their peers convicted them, and then a judge sentenced them to death, reasonable people might be willing to consider the morality of government-sanctioned murder as a response. Walter doesn't believe this, of course - as we recall from that tax article, no matter how many people agree that money should be used to build roads, compelling someone to pay that money is immoral theft.

The only possible conclusion we can come to is that Walter believes that all killing is immoral at all times. So, in addition to taxes, here are some more items we can add to the list of things that Walter is vehemently opposed to: capital punishment, the United States army, police officers carrying guns.

I look forward to Walter soon coming out in favor of utter pacifism as a key facet of his libertarian faith.

Unless, of course, Walter was lying about his moral framework, and he just wants to make sure that no one gets to play with his toys but him.

But that couldn't be true, could it?

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